Brenzone comprises a number of hamlets partly on the lake (Castelletto, Marniga, Magugano, Porto and Assenza) and partly on the lower slopes of  Mount Baldo (Biaza, Fasor, Boccino, Venzo, Castello, Zignago, Borago, Pozzo, e Sommavilla
Campo, a fascinating hamlet of the middle age in midden of olive grows, and in the mountains Prada.

Since the Sixties of last century to the present day, Brenzone's development is tied in glove with the growth of tourism without forgetting its own traditions, giving rise to the emergence of numerous guest accomodations, a gradual professionalization of the people involved in the reception, the proliferation of initiatives and the organization of cultural events and exhibitions.


Monday - Torri del Benaco (7 km) and San Zeno di Montagna (9 km)

Tuesday - Castelletto di Brenzone (2 km)

Wednesday - Lazise (25 km)

Thursday - Bardolino (18 km)

Friday - Garda (14 km)

Saturday - Malcesine (13 km) and Caprino Veronese (18 km)